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Customer Spotlight: Ameren Corporation

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.27.23 AMWe are pleased to present our latest customer spotlight case study featuring the Ameren Corporation, Bagnell Dam and Taum Sauk Plant in Missouri. The case study details how Ameren utilizes Rapid Notify during Functional Exercises to educate response agencies on the use of mass notification alerts.

Ameren has been a Rapid Notify customer for almost 10 years. As part of a comprehensive emergency action plan, internal procedures have been documented so that if an event occurs, alert messages can be recorded and sent as quickly as possible by the incident commander.

Download the Ameren Corporation Case Study today.

Customer Spotlight: Harnett County, NC

Harnett CountyWe are pleased to present our latest customer spotlight case study featuring Harnett County, North Carolina. The case study details how Harnett County utilized a Rapid Notify mass notification alert during a missing person situation.

Harnett has been a Rapid Notify customer for 10 years and has a great deal of experience using mass notification to communicate with residents. Previous uses of the system by the county include emergency alerts for boil water notices, suspicious persons and tornado shelter locations.

When local law enforcement was notified of a missing elderly woman, they requested assistance from Harnett County Emergency Services with a targeted Rapid Notify alert.

With Rapid Notify’s precise Geographic Information System (GIS) option, messages can be delivered to a local neighborhood or an entire county area. The county sent messages to all residents within a 4.5-mile radius from where the elderly woman was last seen.

Read the full Harnett County Case Study today.

Customer Spotlight: Notre Dame de Namur University

ndnu-logoNotre Dame de Namur University was founded over 160 years ago, and is the fifth oldest college in California. The 50-acre campus is located in the City of Belmont, California, just south of San Francisco. The Rapid Notify system enables the university to contact 2,000 students, faculty and community members.

The University is one of many educational institutions in Belmont that participate in the Belmont Police Department “Safe Schools” program which provides assistance for access to the Rapid Notify system.

NDNU students have their cell phone numbers automatically enrolled into the system upon admission and are added to the Rapid Notify contact list. Students have received alerts for situations such as gas leaks, power interruptions, and other potential emergencies. The University also conducts a system test and administrator training each semester.

“Rapid Notify is the backbone of our emergency management communication,” said Kyle Pretsch, Assistant Director Student Life and Leadership. “The Rapid Notify system is flexible and versatile for many uses. It’s quick and easy when you need it most. Rapid Notify is simply terrific.”

The first time the university needed to use the system it had not even been tested and there were not yet protocols in place. With the help of the 24-hour Customer Support team at Rapid Notify, a successful text message alert was sent warning of an incident on campus.

“It is amazing to be able to reach a live customer support person at 3 a.m. when you need help to get your message out,” added Pretsch. “Knowing someone will pick up the phone is a huge relief.”

NDNU tests the Rapid Notify system each semester, often by aligning the test with special events to send notifications that are informational while simultaneously testing message deliverability. A library of pre-approved text messages for all types of emergency situations has been created to reduce alerting time for future emergency situations.

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