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Referral Rewards Program

Rapid Notify is pleased to announce an exciting new Referral Reward Program to all of our valued customers. With this new program, our customers can earn discounts toward their next annual renewal fee.

We will offer a 5% discount (up to $500 per referral) on the next annual service renewal for every referral a current customer provides us who becomes a new Rapid Notify customer. For example, if an annual service renewal is $10,000, a 5% discount equals $500 off your next year of service. Customers who provide us with two referrals who become customers can save up to $1,000!

Saving money for your organization is just a phone call away.


  1. Provide complete contact information for a potential mass notification customer (personal introductions are appreciated).
  2. Your organization will be designated as the referral source.
  3. We will contact the referral and mention your name as the referral source.
  4. When a new Notification Service Agreement has been executed with the referral, we will apply a credit of 5% to the renewal (up to $500 per referral).

Please note, if Rapid Notify is already actively engaged with the contact before a referral is given, a referral fee will not be credited to the referring customer. Other terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change.

Contact us today by calling us toll-free (800) 519-2129 or send us an email.

Send enough referrals and perhaps you can earn a year of free service!

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