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Costco Program for Disaster Purchasing

Costco now has a truckload purchasing program for pre- and post-disaster needs. Pricing is reduced compared to in-store pricing; however the minimum quantity is at least a half-truck load.

Important supplies such as water, food, batteries, and toilet paper can be delivered. You must provide the staff and equipment to unload the truck when it arrives.

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Helping Kids Get Ready

Sesame Street has developed two new mobile apps as well as online resources aimed at making sure families have an interactive and kid-friendly resource for emergency preparedness.

The Let’s Get Ready app teaches children what information they need to know in case of an emergency, such as their address, their parent’s names and what items to put in an emergency kit. The other app, Here for Each Other, is geared towards teaching parents how to talk to their children about emergency situations help them cope with the aftermath of a disaster.

The apps and other resources are available for free in both English and Spanish.



Encouraging Self-Registration

Red mouseEmergency Management magazine has a very helpful article regarding effective methods of encouraging the public to self-register for emergency notifications.

5 Strategies for Getting the Public to Sign Up for Emergency Alerts” offers some easy to implement ideas based on real world success stories. For example, rather than using scare tactics to push the public to register, the article suggests using a message of empowerment and inclusion.

Read the full article here: http://www.emergencymgmt.com/disaster/5-Strategies-Public-Sign-Up-Emergency-Alerts.html

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