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Hurricane Harvey- Rapid Notify Cares!

Dear Customer,

We have been monitoring from a distance the devastation Hurricane Harvey is/has been unleashing on the Gulf Coast, and can only imagine how this is impacting the lives of our customers, families, friends and business associates. We understand the extreme difficulty for you and your neighbors in this difficult situation.

Please know that we are all thinking about you and your neighbors as you work to recover, and begin the process of getting things “back to normal”. We wish you the best possible outcome as you navigate this very difficult time. We want you to know that the Rapid Notify team is keeping you and your neighbors in our thoughts and prayers.

Rapid Notify’s primary focus continues to be the safety of our customers, employees, and the communities in the affected areas. We are communicating with our customers and their families to ensure they remain safe and offer any assistance. If there is anything we can do to assist in this difficult time, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Please remember, our customers can call our customer support team at 800-910-1784 to help disseminate important information to your constituents.

Rapid Notify Team

Staffing Communication Center

The Rapid Notify Staffing Communication Center (SCC) is a web-based, real-time response accountability tool and internal staffing communications module for your organization.
The SCC enables users to easily share shift openings, events, incidents, and resource requirements via Voice, SMS Text Message and/or Email so that no time is wasted during time-sensitive situations.
Use pre-configured message templates for speed, reliability, and accuracy when seconds count. Send messages to specific departments, groups or subsets of groups as determined by you.


+  Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
+  Fully Hosted and Managed
+  Message Delivery via Voice, SMS text and Email
+  Send to devices such as Cell Phones, PDAs, Tablets, Pagers
+  24/ 7 Live Customer Service
+  Web-based Dashboard

Ideal for:

+  Hospitals
+  Municipalities
+  Government Agencies
+  Retail Centers
+  Business Continuity
+  Utilities
+  First Responders


+  Ensuring the availability of staff to clients in times of emergency, unplanned events, and disasters
+  Communicating to thousands of  employees across the country
+  Providing easy staffing of clients  sites to mitigate the risk of security breaches and safety hazards

Benefits and How Rapid Notify can help

+  Increase efficiency in daily staffing
+  See who’s working now
+  Avoid schedule conflicts
+  Quickly put employees on standby
+  Manage from a central communications dashboard
+  Intuitive dashboard can be accessed anywhere, anytime and across any      type of device

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