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Facebook For Business

With Facebook having reached 800 million users, there is no denying the need to have your business or organization taking part in the conversation happening there.  It can be hard to keep up with all of the changes that Facebook makes to its site as evidenced by its recent announcement of the “Timeline” layout that will be rolled out to all users very soon. Thankfully, Facebook is giving its business users some special attention with its “Facebook for Business” section.  A handy downloadable PDF “Pages Optimization Guide” gives a broad overview of how to best utilize a Facebook business or organization page.

For those of you who have yet to create a Facebook page, Mashable.com offers a wealth of how-to articles on the subject including “How to Set Up a Facebook Page.”

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Not Just For Emergencies

Rapid Notify offers an invaluable communication tool to inform, notify and update individuals. The Rapid Notify alert notification system can be used for more than just emergency situations.  It can also be used as a service in the exploding mobile marketing arena. Mass marketing via promotional text or email messages provides users with technology for advertising campaigns in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional means.

Over 96% of text messages are read, making them more effective than emails to deliver information quickly and are less costly and intrusive than a phone call.  Providing a reliable and convenient means of communication, Rapid Notify can help any type of organization establish and maintain a unique and profitable connection with alert recipients.

  • Business & Retail – Boost mid-week traffic and sales with special promotions and alert customers about new product arrivals.
  • Sports & Music Venues – Send schedule changes, team updates, ticket availability and event invitations to your loyal fans.
  • Restaurants – Send discounts, promotions or last minute deals straight to the cell phones of your best customers.
  • Religious Organizations – Reach out to a congregation via text message sending information about meeting times, events or even a daily or weekly inspirational message.
  • Real Estate – Provide updates to potential buyers, generate new leads and establish direct connections with clients.
  • Professional Services – Inform customers of appointments, pick-up times and special offers via text message.

Now with the new Rapid Notify self-registration module, your customers can opt-in by completing a simple online registration form and can easily opt out if they no longer want to receive messages.

Setting up your account for non-emergency notifications is quick and easy!  Contact us today to learn more.

Marketing for Public Awareness and Participation

Getting the attention of the public can be difficult, especially on a tight budget.  It is vital to build public awareness, participation and support for an emergency notification system to be truly effective.  This is an important part of managing your communities’ expectations of public safety efforts.  Make information readily available that answers basic and frequently asked questions such as:

  • How, when and in what manner will emergency or non-emergency alert notifications be delivered?
  • What actions are required when an alert is received?
  • What if the call is missed?
  • What if a phone number is unlisted?
  • Is my contact information safe?

This information can be listed on your organizations’ website and offered as a downloadable file in a printable brochure format.  If possible, broadcast information about your emergency notification system on local public access TV channels and radio. Launch an all-out public awareness campaign by mailing flyers community-wide and encouraging locals with unlisted numbers or cell phones to register for notifications during community events or online.

A creative public awareness campaign can help to ensure your community understands the purpose of an emergency notification system, how it works and how to respond to an alert.  Partnering with a local business has proven to be an effective method of generating public interest, especially when a special discount or incentive is offered in connection with participation in the notification system. Social media can be a useful tool in spreading the word.

Social media sites can also be helpful tools for promoting your emergency notification system.  Creating a blog, signing up for accounts with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or even a YouTube channel can increase public awareness.

Need help creating an effective marketing campaign to promote the Rapid Notify system to your community?  Let us help you come up with cost-effective solutions.  Contact us today!

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