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New Message and List Features

Rapid Notify is proud to announce new messaging and list creation features!  Thanks to your insightful questions, comments and suggestions, we have added multiple innovative and timesaving features to the Rapid Notify system.

The all-new “re-send” option enables users to send a different message than what was used in the original alert notification.  Now you can choose any message to send to successful, failed or “couldn’t attempt” calls or any combination of the three.  This re-send feature is now much more useful and powerful; for example, send an all-clear alert as a follow up to the successful delivery recipients of the original emergency alert.

In addition, users now have the ability to create new messages and contact lists on the fly during the alert creation process.  Now, you can select “new message” and/or “new list” options while staying within the alert creation process and be returned to the same alert screen right where you left off, saving you valuable time when pre-recorded messages or pre-loaded lists are missing or unavailable!

Both of these new features enhance the flexibility of the system and enable an efficient and logical flow of alert events for users.

We hope you enjoy using these new features!  Look for more exciting enhancements in the future.  In the meantime, please let us know of any features or options that interest you.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

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