Your Attention Please

With all of the extreme weather situations we are experiencing, now is the perfect time to grab the attention of your citizens, staff or customers and promote self-registration for your contact lists.Communication

People are more likely to be receptive to your messages when they are actively searching for information. Our self-registration website widget can help you capture complete contact information.

Rapid Notify’s self-registration feature helps organizations ensure that their mass communications are privacy compliant by offering opt-in and opt-out capability.  Self-registrants complete a short online form with their contact information, indicate their preferences for notification, and select a secure login enabling them to return and update contact details as often as needed. The form collects comprehensive contact information with multiple fields including name, address, zip code, up to three phone numbers, email and SMS text number.

News coverage of recent disasters often touches on the failure of mass notification systems to reach all interested parties. Clearly one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is a lack of contact information. It becomes increasingly difficult to deliver important alerts when a large percentage of the population no longer uses landline phones.

This is an ideal time to encourage registration of cell phone, Voice over IP phone number, e-mail address, and other contact information.

If you need assistance implementing Rapid Notify’s Self-Registration feature, please contact us today

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