Public Safety Goes Viral

It can be difficult to make public safety messages interesting enough for people to take notice of them, let alone share them with others. Emergency managers are taking their cues from how viral videos explode across the Internet and creating their own.

Tanya Ferraro is a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Coordinator in Virginia and she has hit upon a winning combination of turning “pop songs into prep songs.” A self-proclaimed emergency management lover, Ferraro has a viral video hit with “Loyals – A Royal Preparedness Duet” which she created with the help of Keith Dowler, Assistant Director/Regional Healthcare Coordination Center Manager for the Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance.

The video has been viewed over 6,000 times since it was posted after Thanksgiving and has been shared by numerous public safety agencies.

One such agency, the Bellevue Office of Emergency Management, has its own video that is starting to get noticed. The Ways to Survive animated video features an original song and video about disaster preparedness.

These are great examples of out-of-the box thinking that will help get the message out to those who might not normally be receptive to public safety messages.

Let us know if you have a viral video to share!

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