Smart Survival Tips

It’s easy to ignore survival tips when it feels like you have heard them all before. Fortunately Popular Mechanics has some truly useful and unique survival advice. Many of the articles stress that it is possible to “thrive – not just survive” in an emergency situation.

In How to Stock Your Disaster Pantry, the article provides links to help calculate real-world daily calorie needs so you can better gauge how much food will be needed per day.

Emergency Notification Check List

In How to Survive Absolutely Anything, the article gives supremely useful tips for last-minute preparations with severe weather approaching. Highlights include:

  • Fill up every available basin with water
  • Plug in every rechargeable device you own to top off the batteries
  • Enhance your First Aid kit with items like duct tape and superglue

Instead of battling the crowds for limited supplies left on local store shelves, the author suggests taking advantage of speedy delivery from websites like Amazon to deliver much needed goods in the days leading up to a storm.

In 11 Things to do Before (and After) an Earthquake Strikes, the article details how to make an instant porta-potty with a trash bag and cat litter.

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