Red Guide to Recovery

The Red Guide to Recovery is a comprehensive guide with over 200 pages of information to help educate and guide disaster survivors through the long and complicated process of disaster recovery. The guide can be customized to suit the needs of any agency, city, county or state in the U.S. and printed in bulk orders.

Red Guide to RecoverySuggested uses for the guide include community outreach, CERT training, business continuity education and disaster preparedness training.

In addition to a customizable directory of local contacts, the guide also includes many federal relief agency contacts, and other valuable disaster support contacts. A sponsor page can feature logos, coupons and more from your supporters, local merchants and vendors. 

Funding assistance suggestions include the Urban Area Security Initiative Grant (UASI), State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP), Emergency Management Program Grants (EMPG), corporate sponsorships, or collaborations with other organizations.

In addition to the guide, the site also makes available for free download the Personal Property Memory Jogger, a pre-populated Excel spreadsheet with over 5,200 of the most commonly found household items, broken down into a room-by-room format.  This template is a great disaster preparedness tool for keeping a personal possession inventory ready for submission to an insurance adjuster in order to be compensated for items that were lost.

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