Need New Numbers?

Do you need up-to-date contact information for your area residents? Rapid Notify can help you to obtain commercial telephone data to improve your database.

Commercial telephone data is available for customers that are unable or do not wish to obtain e-911 data for contact lists. Rapid Notify can obtain telephone data (for a fee) in the area desired, as follows:Self-Registration

  • Residential – U.S. or Canadian residential listings.
  • Business – U.S. or Canadian business listings.
  • U.S. Wireless – An accumulation of wireless telephone numbers reported by wireless phone companies to Telco directory services. This information is not comprehensive as many cell phone providers fail to report, or may include numbers no longer in service.
  • U.S. Non Published Residential – Unlisted residential land-line telephone numbers. These are not to be confused with “Do Not Publish” listings that are published in Telco directories but have instructions from the resident using the phone number to not distribute their number to any other provider. “Do Not Publish” phone numbers in this listing ARE included for use in emergency notification.
  • U.S. Business Emergency Notification – U.S. business telephone numbers suitable for emergency notification. Phone numbers designated as “Emergency In-coming Only” are removed to avoid tying up lines dedicated to receiving emergency requests and contact from the public.
  • U.S. Unique Business – provides you with one listing per individual U.S. business as defined by having a unique business name and unique address. This process removes any departmental phone numbers for listings with the same name and address.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you update your contact database.

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