NEW Internal Communications Desk

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the NEW Rapid Notify Communications Desk. This web-based, real-time internal staff communications module enables users to monitor internal staff communications and easily share shift openings, events, incidents, and general messages via Text Message and/or Email so that no time is wasted during time-sensitive situations.

Internal Communications

Stay in contact with large groups of people instantly and easily. Monitor real-time messages and responses from a central dashboard. Instantly communicate with organization members (individually or as pre-specified groups) whether they are out in the field or in another location and receive their replies immediately.

Whether it’s for call-backs, location status updates, training reminders, or just general communications, you can immediately reach out to all of your members, quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Use pre-configured message templates for speed, reliability and accuracy when seconds count. Send messages to specific departments, groups or subsets of groups as determined by you.

Incident Response

When your organization has an important incident, it is critical to know who is responding, as soon as possible.

The Communications Desk provides the two-way SMS text communications that will keep your group informed and connected in real time.

When your contacts receive your SMS text they simply reply via SMS Text message on their cell phone, tablet, PDA, 2-way pager, computer or other internet-capable device. Their response then appears in the Communications Desk feed online. Contacts can reply to your emails the same way.

Message recipients can have multiple devices contacted simultaneously to ensure prompt receipt.

Staffing Communications

With the optional Shift Communications Center, you can share and fill shift openings with individuals, groups or priority groups. Simply set the number of open shifts, create your message and send.

Message recipients can accept or decline. When the exact number of shift openings have been filled, any further respondents are informed that the shifts are no longer available. Use group logic to move contacts to the bottom of a list based on acceptance to meet priority rules.

Contact us for a free demo today!

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