Infographics the Easy Way

Infographics (or information graphics) are visual representations of data that help to quickly present complex information in an easy to understand format. Rather than using the standard graphing capability inside of a spreadsheet or text document now you can create a professional quality graphic in minutes thanks to

Click to view interactive makes the entire creation process as simple as can be. You begin by using a Facebook or Twitter account to login. Then choose your layout template and enter (or upload) your raw data. The online tool can help you turn that data into a complete infographic in minutes.  The online editor enables you to add pictures, text, and additional graphs, and swap each of these elements around into the order of your choosing with a quick drag-and-drop.

A finished infographic gets assigned a unique URL, and you can choose to share that link through Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. The one potential drawback of the finished infograms is that they can’t be used as a static image. You must either use the unique URL assigned to the infogram to link back to the site, or embed the design using an iFrame. is still in beta, meaning there are still a few bugs to be worked out. And yet, for those who do not have access or skill with design tools this will come in handy.

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