Mass Notification “Toolbox”

Read our latest whitepaper now available for download. Our experienced VP of Operations, Mark Guidetti, has explored the numerous ways available to notify people (Sirens, Radio, TV, Telephones, etc.), and how each of them can be used as a tool for emergency warning. The combination of all the tools available resides in a “toolbox”, any combination of which is available for effective emergency management. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and no one tool is perfect alone. After defining the “Perfect System” it becomes easier to select and understand the tools needed in the toolbox to ensure quick and efficient notification.

Mass Notification ToolboxEvery “tool” analyzed has its strengths and weaknesses and thus each has its own role to play during an emergency. For example, broadcast radio is a great means of emergency instruction and updates, but not necessarily first level notification because it requires the target audience to be tuned in at a specific time.

The strength of one tool can compensate for the weakness of another, such that at any time the combination of the tools in the toolbox can create the “Perfect System”.

Download the whitepaper here:

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