Big Changes for Brands on Facebook

If you haven’t already noticed, there have been some big changes to Facebook’s design recently.  Perhaps you have already upgraded your personal Facebook page to the new Timeline layout.  Well now you can upgrade your Facebook brand page too.  Facebook recently announced that all Pages will automatically get upgraded on to the Timeline layout on March 30, 2012.

To turn on your preview for the new Pages design, click on the green button at the top of your Page.

Mashable has a helpful guide to the top six changes to be aware of and how they will impact your brand presence on Facebook.

Your first step will be to upload a “cover photo” which will appear at the top of your brand page.  Choose a unique photo (851 x 315 pixels) and change it as often as you like.

The Page itself is now separated into two main columns by a dividing line, which represents the passage of time. This format provides brands with the opportunity to outline their corporate history with milestones, such as founding date, major initiatives, public events, etc.

Rapid Notify Facebook Timeline

If you used custom tabs, those have been moved to a new location. Your tabs will now appear in rectangular panels underneath the cover photo. Only three tab panels are viewable at any given time, and you can specify which ones those are. To see more, users must expand the tab panel by clicking a drop-down box.

Unfortunately for many brands, the option to set a default landing Page is no longer available. This will dramatically change your options for customizing user impressions when they first visit your Page.

Constant monitoring will be needed to pay close attention to all the top messages in the Timeline, as they will be the first objects seen by visiting users. You have the ability to “pin” certain posts to the top of the Timeline for up to seven days. You can pin only one item at a time, and the pinned item then exists in two locations — as the top item on the Timeline itself, as well as within its chronological place.

Brands will now be able to exchange private messages with users. This can help remove clutter from the Timeline by moving your customer/follower interaction to a more private communication channel that will not be visible to all.

Read the full Mashable article here:

Learn more about how to use the new Pages:

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