Weather Alerts Are Here!

We are excited to announce the new Rapid Notify Severe Weather Warning service is now available for order. Existing customers will receive special discounted pricing when ordering in the month of July.

Severe Weather Warnings will deliver automated and targeted alert notifications to those who self-register and elect to receive severe weather alerts.  Our system integrates with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service to deliver warnings specific to county or state areas.

Severe weather warnings will be sent only to those who have elected to receive alerts by SMS text and/or email messages to their cell phones or smart phones. These warnings are categorized as life threatening and expected within a very short period of time, for example: Blizzard Warning, Flash Flood Warning, Tornado Warning, etc.

Precision-targeted early warning notifications are generated automatically moments after being issued by the National Weather Service and no human action or intervention is required. As the severe weather events occur, alerts are delivered automatically any time of day. The automation removes manual intervention and reduces response time to activate emergency alerts and notify personnel.

Alerts are only delivered to those who have self-registered and opted in to the system.  All contact information remains private.

Contact us today to find out more about Rapid Notify Severe Weather Warnings.

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