Weather Alerts Coming To Rapid Notify!

The Rapid Notify team is profoundly saddened by the devastation caused by violent weather across the United States these past few weeks.  We are hard at work creating a brand new Weather Alert feature, soon to be available as an exciting new option for all of our customers.

Our customers will soon be able to receive automated, location-specific, weather warnings and activate emergency response plans before natural hazards strike. The National Weather Service monitors weather conditions around the clock and issues warnings when severe weather such as tornados, lightning, flooding, hurricanes, and snowstorms threaten to strike your area.

The new Rapid Notify Weather Alert Module will automatically alert your weather-specific recipient list (as identified by you) with these critical weather warnings. The notifications can also be automatically sent to your emergency managers and first responders, giving them time to qualify the threat and decide whether or not to activate a specific emergency notification alert scenario to a broader group of affected residents or personnel.

Warnings and emergency alerts can be delivered in SMS text message and email format which can be communicated to multiple personal communication devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, and computers.

The Rapid Notify Weather Alert emergency notification solution will enable organizations to reduce response time needed to activate emergency alerts and notify personnel. By removing the time needed for manual alert activation, emergency managers can focus on executing disaster response scenarios immediately. Build trust and a sense of safety with your community by communicating life-saving information and instructions to citizens before severe weather events occur.

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