Mobile Crisis Communication

AT&T now offers a mobile cell site for critical communications, for use in a disaster situation where existing towers cease to work or where there are no towers at all.  The AT&T Remote Mobility Zone (ARMZ) provides GSM voice and data equipment that can be quickly deployed in a disaster area where mobile coverage has been disrupted.

Created for use by police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders, the “Fly-away” AT&T Remote Mobility Zone is currently available to government agencies and personnel.

This suitcase-sized cell site offers first responders an easy-to-use, transportable system that can extend connectivity up to one half of a mile in any direction.  The kit includes a satellite dish (uplink is estimated to occur in under 30 minutes), antenna, and two radios that support up to 28 callers.

The “Park and Use” version integrates small cell sites into vehicles, allowing users to drive to locations without wireless coverage and activate service then and there (with roof-mounted satellite antennas further enhancing communications).

ARMZ kits are estimated to cost between $15,000 and $45,000, depending on the configuration, plus a service plan of $2700 a month.

ARMZ is ideal for enterprises and government entities looking for a business continuity solution for remote installations as well as first responders who can benefit from the highly portable aspect of AT&T Remote Mobility Zone and deploy it as part of their first-line crisis response team.

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone uses a cellular spectrum that is automatically managed by AT&T. It detects potential interference and assigns the radio frequency with the lowest interference level. An optional satellite service is hosted and managed by AT&T.

For more information on the AT&T Remote Mobility Zone please visit:

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