Customer Spotlight: North Shore Emergency Management Office

The North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) was founded in 1978 as an inter-municipal agency of the City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and District of West Vancouver (a local regional grouping referred to as the North Shore municipalities, or simply “the North Shore”). Created for effective co-operative emergency management, NSEMO is the only tri-municipal Emergency Management Office in the Metro Vancouver area.

Through NSEMO, the three communities are engaged in emergency planning activities with other municipalities, the provincial and federal governments, agencies such as Vancouver Coastal Health, the North and West Vancouver School Districts, industry and other stakeholders to ensure that regional emergency management activities are coordinated.NSEMO Official Logo

Currently the North Shore is one of only a few communities in the Vancouver area that has an emergency notification system.  In addition to using the Rapid Notify system, the NSEMO also uses additional emergency messaging tools such as going door-to-door, making announcements from a patrol car or fire vehicle using a PA system, alerting the media (radio, TV, internet), and social media.

Previously the NSEMO relied on information from the white pages telephone data for its database of phone numbers. Now, having recently completed the implementation of Rapid Notify’s self-registration portal, North Shore residents and businesses can self-register landlines, cell phone number, pagers, email addresses and SMS text numbers.

North Shore EMO orchestrated a comprehensive media campaign to educate the public on the availability and benefits of the new self-registration portal (check it out at

Utilizing print and online news coverage in combination with social media, North Shore EMO had over 1,200 visitors to the self-registration web page in a single day.

NSEMO is also taking advantage of social media, using its Twitter and Facebook accounts to post emergency information as well as helpful tips and important news. With almost 1,500 “Followers” on Twitter, North Shore EMO is maximizing its communication channels to speak to people where they are.

“When communicating with the public during an emergency, we need to make use of all the tools we have at our disposal,” said Paulette Mossop, education coordinator for North Shore Emergency Management Office.  “Rapid Notify, utilizing modern technology, provides us with additional methods of communication in order that we are able to reach our citizens during an emergency situation.”

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