A Radiation Chart You Can Actually Understand

Radiation Dosage ChartTalk of radiation levels is all over the news and everyone seems to have a different opinion of what is an acceptable level of exposure. After the initial panic in the Western United States causing a run on potassium iodide tablets, thankfully most of our fears have proven unfounded.

The folks at InformationIsBeautiful.net have created a fantastic visual representation of radiation doses and what they mean to you. While radiation is to be avoided as much as possible, it is clear that it is a part of our every day natural lives.

Nuclear agencies generally measure the amount of radiation absorbed in sieverts. The typical exposure to radiation is measured in millisieverts, or thousandths of a sievert. People are generally exposed to about 3 millisieverts of radiation per year. Having an X-ray can give you 4 millisieverts, whereas a CT scan gives 10.

See the full size dosage chart here: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/radiation-dosage-chart/

You can purchase a downloadable PDF of the chart with all proceeds supporting the Japan crisis relief.

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