FEMA Challenge

FEMA has issued a challenge to the public to come up with ideas on how we can all help prepare our communities before disaster strikes and how the government can support community-based activities to help everyone be more prepared.  No idea is too big or too small and ideas can come from across the spectrum, from within whichever field you work, for whatever community in which you live. For example, what role can doctors in the medical community play, or how can artists use their medium to contribute?

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate announced the challenge to his fellow attendees at the 2010 TEDMED Conference in San Diego, CA.  He spoke about the need to expand the emergency management team and engage all Americans in better preparing our communities before disaster strikes.  Now FEMA is expanding the challenge to everyone, looking for ideas on how we can better prepare communities before disasters strike.

Taking a cue from how we as individuals take action to stay healthy and protect our bodies from disease, through vaccinations, doctor appointments, physical activity, and other ways, in the same manner we should be thinking about protecting our communities.

FEMA is always encouraging the American public to be prepared and offers tools and information on its website http://www.ready.gov.  FEMA is also trying to engage the public to discover how we, as part of businesses, governments, medical and emergency response fields, community groups, schools and families, can all share the responsibility to be prepared.

In essence, FEMA needs our help to find a way to inoculate our communities against the impacts of disasters.


  1. Submit your idea via email to FEMA-New-Media@dhs.gov by Jan 02, 2011 11:59 PM EST
  2. Submissions will be judged based on originality, level of community engagement, and ease of implementation.
  3. The best, most unique idea will be selected as the winner and announced on Jan 26, 2011 12:00 AM EST with a highlight on FEMA’s website (www.fema.gov).

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