Are You Ready for National Preparedness Month?

September is National Preparedness Month and a good reminder that we all have a responsibility to protect our communities, our families, and ourselves. National Preparedness Month - Ready CampaignEmergencies will happen, but taking action now can help us minimize the impact they will have on our lives. We encourage organizations and businesses to be leaders in the community and set an example for employees, citizens, customers, and fellow organizations to follow.

This September, please encourage your community to prepare for emergencies and disasters of all types, and lead efforts to become more prepared. Having an emergency communication plan can help protect your organization, its employees and its infrastructure, maximizing your chances of recovery after an incident.  Organizations of all sizes should take three simple steps: plan to stay operational; encourage your people to be ready; and protect your community.

Being ready starts with you! Taking steps now to prepare for disasters and emergencies of all types will go far in ensuring everyone’s safety. We have to work together, as a team, to ensure that individuals, families, and communities are prepared for emergencies and disasters. Important steps to take include:

  • Review your emergency response plan and policy.
  • Conduct a test of your emergency notification system.
  • Hold refresher training sessions for emergency notification system users.
  • Encourage public awareness and participation.

Throughout September, activities and events will take place across this country to highlight the importance of emergency preparedness and promote individual involvement, such as first aid trainings, town hall meetings and much more. Look for opportunities to participate in these events in your community.

For more information on National Preparedness Month or for help getting your family, business or community prepared, call 1-800-BE-READY or visit or, where you’ll find free preparedness resources such as Family Emergency Plan templates, Emergency Supply Kit Checklists, and much more.

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